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Updates From Google

Author : Ashish Pandey ,

Google Maps gets a new look and Feature

The world is a regularly advancing spot. Also, as it changes, Google Maps changes with it. As streets close, organizations open, or nearby occasions occur in your neighborhood, you’ll see it on Google Maps. When you plan an occasion using Google Calendar, get a reservation confirmation in Gmail, or add an eatery to your Need to Go list, Google Maps mirrors that as well. Presently, we’re refreshing Google Maps with another look that better mirrors your reality, at this moment. To begin with, we’ve refreshed the driving, route, travel and investigate maps to better feature the data most significant to each understanding (think corner stores for the route, prepare stations for travel, etc).
By taking not to much time, let me introduce you current Updates From Google We’ve additionally refreshed our color scheme and added symbols to help you rapidly distinguish precisely what you are looking at. Spots like a bistro, church, historical center or medical place etc will have an assigned shading and symbol, with the goal that it’s anything but difficult to find that sort of place on the guide. For instance, you are in another area and searching for a coffeehouse, you could open the guide to discover the closest orange symbol (which is the color for Food and Drink spots). In the end of Updates From Google let’s read more
You’ll see these progressions throughout the following couple of weeks in all Google items that join Google Maps, including the Assistant, Search, Earth, and Android Auto. After some time, the new style will likewise show up in the applications, sites and experiences offered by organizations that utilize Google Maps APIs also. So it does not matter anymore where or how you are using Google Maps. These changes will ensure you have a consistent experience”,
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