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How Technology has changed the HealthCare industry

Author : Ashish Pandey ,

How Technology has changed the HealthCare industry

Technology in healthcare – The healthcare industry has been undergoing massive technological changes at a rapid rate. Innovation is thought to be the main thrust behind improvements in healthcare and, when you take a look at the rate of progress and recent advancements, many think that its hard not to concur with that perception. Let us explore some of the most impactful advancements made in this industry in the last few years:

1. Digital Diagnostics: Making healthcare more accessible to people has been one of the most important achievements made in the medical field. There are various easy to use health monitoring devices that people can use themselves instead of going to a doctor every time.

2. Cloud/Portal technology: Just like cloud usage in other fields, the healthcare industry has also been positively impacted by the advent of Cloud services. Every information and results are easily accessible by the concerned parties. There are some security concerns regarding Cloud, although efforts are constantly being made to reduce the security concerns.

3. Sensors/Wearables: Wearable technology has been gathering popularity at a rapid pace because of its numerous advantages and easy accessibility. People can use these devices in their everyday lives while doing their daily tasks. The accuracy of these is being constantly improved.

4. mHealth: Mobile health is allowing physicians and patients to check on healthcare processes on the go, thereby greatly reducing the usage of devices and cords. Smartphones and tablets allow healthcare providers to transfer and receive information more freely. It acts as a sort of medium for the doctors and patients to connect.

5. Self Service kiosks: The trend of utilizing self-service kiosks is big in the western culture. in India, it is slowly increasing. Such kiosks provide many benefits such as speeding up the basic hospital services like hospital registrations. They can assists patients in making payments, checking identification, completing paperwork and much more. These also help in reducing employee costs.

6. Telemedicine/Telehealth: There are various studies which point out the benefits of telemedicine especially in rural areas. Patients can receive full assessments from their doctor via video chat. The traditional cost of an office is also eliminated, only the regular fees are charged. Telemedicine is not a new development, but a rapidly growing field.


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